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The Real Reason Sandman was Fired.

The Sandman had been nothing but a model employee for the majority of his WWE run. He's been known to turn up early, suggest ways he can help put other guys over and do everything that is asked of him. This being said it was a shock to see the ECW original fired.

Early sources indicate that The Sandman may have shown up less than 100% to work during a recent international tour. also notes that on the plane ride home he might have exchanged words with Road Agent Ricky Steamboat.

The general Sandman character is also considered to be distasteful with the pending Congressional Hearings.

So, you have a guy who is willing to help out in any way he can, do whatever it takes to put other guys over, and you give him the boot. Wow WWE, I thougtht your logic was flawed before, but once again, you prove me wrong with more acts of stupidity. Good work.
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I'm gonna say this again; MAN THAT'S MESSED UP. WWE fire's a Superstar that's actually willing to work.

I think it's funny though; because Sandman's character is suppose to be the rebel-bad drunk guy, but in reality; he's like a role model.(:

Fucking ASS.

Especially considering that Vince was supposedly 'entertained and/or amused by the Sandman character.'
I just got this in a message from a friend of mine:

"I read an interview with him in a German Wrestling mag. He said that Vince like him but he isnt sure anymore whether WWE is the right company for him. They fired Sabu, RVD and drafted him to RAW so he lost all his real friends in Wrestling. He also said that the whole new ECW-thing fucked up. They could have done better things with him and RVD and Sabu. He is thinking about leaving the company but then he would be done with Wrestling."